Executive Dashboards

The big picture and the fine details are both at hand with Tableau, helping leaders move forward with the confidence only data can provide. Interactive executive dashboards can be live in minutes, new information sources incorporated in seconds. Weekly reports will seem like ancient history compared to the live exploration that comes naturally in Tableau. With the ability to go deeper than standard KPIs and analyze on the fly, it doesn’t just give you visibility across the business—it inspires ideas and catalyzes innovation.

See how an effective executive dashboard can change your business

Below you'll find workbooks, customer stories, and whitepapers that show the gains our users have made by creating powerful executive dashboards in Tableau. Check out some of these amazing examples then download a trial and build your own dashboard.

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Dashboards for the rest of us

Executive dashboards reveal the most important data points quickly and simply. Sometimes you need a little more depth.

Embed your analytics

Embed analytics in the tools you use to communicate faster and more clearly. Real data in real time.

Connect to almost everything

Most companies use a complex web of software. Tableau integrates with many them and provides new insights by connecting data in ways you couldn't before.