Microsoft Excel

Excel is everywhere: the go-to analysis tool and spreadsheet software for many business users—and with Tableau, it’s even more powerful. With a drag-and-drop approach to visual analysis, Tableau makes exploring Excel data fast and easy. You can ask and answer questions as you go instead of running separate reports or cross-tabs for every situation. Tableau charts are interactive and highly shareable, helping everyone in your business get answers—and showing trends and outliers that are invisible in basic charts. Best of all, Tableau natively connects to Excel spreadsheets to make analysis of data already in Excel fast and simple. Tableau allows Excel users to keep their spreadsheets while greatly enhancing their ability to analyze their data, all while delivering simple to build, simple to read visualizations that convey information in easy-to-read formats.

Connecting Tableau and Excel

Need a hand connecting Tableau to your Excel workbook? We've got you covered. Watch our free training video to learn how to easily connect Microsoft Excel to Tableau. But don't stop there, use our free tutorial videos to learn all sorts of ways to improve your data analysis when using spreadsheets.

Watch the video here.

Customer Stories: Excel, Data Analysis, and Life After Spreadsheets

Below you'll find a variety of content about Tableau and Excel. You'll see customer stories that share the real-life experience of Tableau users. There are workbooks to show you exactly what your data might look like with real-world data, which visualize data from our users. There's also plenty of white papers which discuss a wide variety of subjects related to Excel, spreadsheets, data analysis, visualization, and more.

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