Sports Management Analytics

Sports is big business and success depends increasingly on data: player statistics, media contracts, ticket and merchandise sales, and licensing deals. Tableau supports winning strategies with nimble, easy-to-use analytics—already used by many of the world’s sporting leaders. On the field, they use Tableau to identify the most valuable players, develop their abilities, and build balanced teams. Behind the scenes, Tableau helps them streamline operations, engage fans, and stay relevant. Keep reading to see how Tableau is transforming sports management analytics.

Sports data analytics

The NFL serves 32 teams with a single dashboard in the cloud

Since the NFL launched the common dashboard, adoption has been wildly successful. Ninety percent of the teams have logged into Tableau Online at least once a week. The teams are engaging with the data and each other, and they’re uncovering new insights. Because they can analyze sports data, each team can now see opportunities unique to themselves.

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Tableau can really cover the entire spectrum, whether you're a super user that knows SQL that can really dive into all the statistics, or a simple user, who's really just looking to have a better understanding of your basic reports. Tableau is the best to cover that spectrum of customers.