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LinkedIn uses Tableau to drive sales team success

Learn how LinkedIn uses Tableau to centralize petabytes of customer data and empower its sales force. The result? A more proactive sales cycle and a boost in revenue.

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We’ve used Tableau from day one, and it is at the core of Crowd Insights. Tableau is intuitive, easy to learn, and adaptive. We can quickly create dashboards, drill down into exciting new insights, and surface new ideas for our customers. Without a doubt, the visual analytics platform is an important part of enabling new data monetization products and revenue streams for Telia.

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Red hat

Red Hat deepens data culture with 4,500+ staff in less than a year

See how Tableau helps Red Hat build its strategy and teams, grow its community, and nurture data leaders.

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Dell employee

Dell inspires a workforce with visual data

Explore how Dell changed their internal mindset and the art of what’s possible with analytic tools.

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Yellow Pages employee

Yellow Pages analyzes big data 10-20X faster

Discover the Yellow Pages team’s “recipe” for rapidly analyzing billions of rows of data to find answers faster than ever.

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