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Financial institutions across the globe are turning to data to help them manage risk, build a foundation of trust, and empower a culture of learning and sharing throughout their organization. With Tableau, zero in on what matters most. Through robust data governance, security, and data source integration, leverage your analytics to react faster to the needs of the market and continue to provide optimal customer service during this critical time.

Tableau is committed to helping your organization use the power of visual analytics to tackle the complex challenges and daily decisions you’re facing.

Visit our COVID-19 Data Hub to learn how organizations, large and small across banking, wealth management and insurance, are leveraging Tableau as a trusted resource in this unprecedented time.

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Frost and Sullivan Analyst Report

Innovating banking and financial services in the big data era

Technological advances are disrupting the financial services and banking industries, leading to an influx of big data. With this data, institutions have the opportunity to evolve processes, cut costs, and deliver a better customer experience. But leveraging this opportunity requires a solid analytics strategy that empowers employees to explore and share data. This report outlines how financial services institutions can get the best return on investment from new technologies to drive business value.

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Four traits of a data-driven financial services organization

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have led financial services organizations to evolve. In the face of these disruptions, companies leverage massive volumes of data to transform processes and differentiate themselves from the competition. Read this whitepaper to learn how data-driven financial services organizations leverage data to propel innovation.

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The exponential growth in Tableau adoption required us to rethink our capacity planning and support model. We developed an approach that supports both the experienced analysts as well as novice business users, advancing our data-driven culture.

Financial services analytics and natural language generation

In this short webinar series, Tableau has partnered with Automated Insights to take a look into the use of natural language generation analytics and self-service visual analytics in financial services organizations. Attend to see real-life scenarios and learn how Tableau and NLG are propelling organizations to make more impactful, data-driven decisions.

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Webinar Series

Using analytics to prevent fraud, evaluate risk, and analyze performance

In this three part webinar series you will learn how leading banks, insurers, wealth managers, and capital markets firms are using Tableau to spot fraud, risk, and performance at the speed of thought. Hear from Visa about the latest fraud trends and the best ways to monitor suspicious activity. See how to use Tableau to analyze exposure by risk characteristics, identify predictive indicators to illustrate potential exposure, and visualize risk concentration by risk rating. Finally, hear from UseReady about how to use Tableau to minimize the complexity and simplify the oversight required to properly manage performance at both firm and account levels.

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