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In higher education, Tableau is unlocking the power of data to improve learning, fundraising, planning, and research. Hundreds of leading institutions use Tableau to analyze student enrollment, achievement, and demographics. Educational institutions are developing better alumni relations and streamlining educational reporting. In the classroom and in the lab, Tableau enriches the learning experience with analytics anyone can use and understand. Students are gaining access to increasingly valuable data literacy skills and educators are sharpening lesson plans while administrators discover the best opportunities to explore. Best of all, Tableau is free for active students and instructors. Discover what data can teach you.

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Higher education is an increasingly data-driven field. To make sense of what is happening today and plan for tomorrow, higher education institutions need to combine high-level views of organization and population changes with drill-down capabilities for true decision-making power.

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You break down silos and you're seeing the college as a whole. Tableau has helped the school to make better decisions that affect student success.

Institutional Research

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As higher education institutions evolve and transform institutional research departments need to quickly analyze more data to help set priorities and inform strategic decisions across campuses. Explore how Tableau customers in institutional research are leading their institutions to better decisions and deeper insights faster than ever before.

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