On-Demand Webinar

Using ERP Data to Make Informed Decisions in a Rapidly Changing Re-enrollment Process

Discover how Montclair State University leveraged data visualizations and ERP data to increase operational efficiency, save time, and improve targeted outreach in their re-enrollment process. Attendees will hear how Montclair State University built dashboards that compiled large amounts of student data into one view that allowed for more flexibility and collaboration between departments, especially during the pandemic.

  • Increased efficiency in the re-enrollment process with automation
  • Enabled data-informed decisions
  • Flexibility in the re-enrollment process with pandemic

This session is from the Higher Education Summit.

About the speakers


Abby Kane Pezzulo

Client Manager, CTI Data

Abby Pezzulo has been a Client Manager with CTI Data for over 20 years and helped launch CTI’s Higher Education Practice. Abby engages with her clients to integrate information and drive data-informed decisions across the student lifecycle. CTI Data helps clients achieve successful business outcomes that include improving student engagement & student success rates, optimizing admissions & enrollment, and strengthening alumni engagement to increase donations.


Klavdiya Hammond

Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Montclair State University

Klavdiya Hammond is the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Montclair State University, where she manages a team of research analysts, data analytics developers, and database administrators, who support all aspects of data management and analytics from collection, processing, analysis, interpretation, to presentation and distribution, in order to promote knowledge-based decision making, planning, assessment, and policy development at the University. Klavdiya is a Montclair State graduate.