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Treasury and Cash Flow Management

Get deeper insight into cash flow and cut complexity with analytics


How analytics helps cash flow management by uncovering key details

Wondering how to get better control of your cash flow management–and save time and money? Find out how the right analytics platform can help give you a clear view of transactions, collaborate with finance partners, reduce risk, and increase efficiency across your organization.

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Boost efficiency using finance analytics

Combat the growing sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes using powerful, intuitive analytics that detect fraudulent activity 58% faster to limit your losses.


Find insights

Capture your financial data from multiple sources to get an aggregate, near-time view of transactions.

Make predictions

Use analytics to get a clear picture of your financial outlook and make more accurate predictions.

Take actions

Monitor open accounts to uncover ones that are idle or have low activity, to take quick action–saving time and reducing risk.

Customer story: Mondelez International

Mondelez International transforms procurement digitally to integrate 160+ data fields, 28K suppliers, and drive millions in cost savings.

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Tableau is a very powerful tool that gives us visibility into the things we want to see, at the level that we want—and allows us to see it very quickly.

Finance analytics in action

Drill down into cash flow details

View this demo to see how Tableau can help you reduce risk, cut costs, and lower complexity. You’ll see how to find transactions driving negative cash flow–so you can take quick action.

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See bank statement balances and daily cash flow over time

Get deeper insights into trends in balances and cash flow. A 360-degree view into your transactions cuts complexity and helps you work faster and more efficiently using one trusted platform.

Take action on your cash balances

Keep a close eye on your running balances with this easy-to-use dashboard–so you can slash costs and make quick decisions about your finances.

Visualize your accounts payable invoices

The Accounts Payable dashboard gives you a clear view into open invoices. You can easily explore suppliers with pending receipts and view all receipt details.

Learn how to analyze investment risk

Looking to gain deeper insight into your investment portfolio, but not sure how to begin? Learn how Tableau can help you save time by cutting out manual processes. We’ll show you how to get an up-to-date understanding of risk with time series analysis.

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Plug-and-play analytics

Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

Seeing is believing

These ready-to-use dashboards boost your productivity by tapping into the deep, functional, and industry expertise of the entire Tableau ecosystem–letting you harness the full power of your data.

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Access virtual user groups, find answers, and meet other finance professionals who use Tableau.

Tableau for departments

Departments across organizations worldwide are empowering their people with data. Learn how departments are driving business forward with Tableau.

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Organizations are finding opportunities to integrate Tableau with their existing technologies to drive business forward.

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