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How to analyze investment risk

Gaining a deeper insight into your investment portfolio can be a challenge. It requires investors seeking to understand the status of their positions to log into multiple portals, download spreadsheets, trim data, and combine them together. It’s a process that can take hours or even days a month. And as each second goes by, the data gets older and older-by the time you get your answers, the data is already out of date.

Watch this short webisode to hear how Tableau’s finance and Treasury teams are overcoming the challenge of bringing investment data into one place. They’ll cover:

  • Why Tableau uses Clearwater Analytics to validate and reconcile investment activity
  • How they use Tableau to get an up-to-date understanding of risk with time series analysis
  • How you to get started creating similar results yourself

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Download and interact with the Investment Exposure Trends Dashboard discussed in this webinar.

About the speakers

Ed Barrie

Senior Director, Treasury at Tableau

Kaylee Walker

Finance Analytics Analyst, Tableau

Amanda Yong

Accounts Payable Specialist

Mike Crook

Director of Finance Analytics, Tableau

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