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Invites Healthcare Boosts Customer App Visits with Genetic Information Visualized through Tableau

Culture of data-driven business decision-making

Able to analyze and visualize data, even from the early stages of business

Creating positive customer experiences with newsletter services using the Tableau dashboard

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Invites Healthcare was established in March 2020 when the digital healthcare business division branched out from SK Telecom, one of Korea’s leading telecom companies. As an innovative market leader in the hyper-connected era Invites Healthcare offers tailored digital healthcare management services, smart medical systems and solutions, and data-based clinical trial support for both B2B and B2C operations.

Key services include Care8 DNA, a custom healthcare platform based on genetic testing, and Coach-coach Diabetes, a diabetes management app service, and focus is on improving customers’ personalized health checkups and diagnosis capabilities. Through strategic partnerships with Korean and international medical institutions, Invites Healthcare provides services for integrated management of previously decentralized health data.

Invites Healthcare naturally faces the challenge of aggregating health data containing sensitive customer information and analyzing large volumes of data to understand and analyze market topography.

R&D Center manager Dongwook Nam told us, “We create dashboards displaying genetic information of many users and share it across the company as part of our efforts to improve customer experience. We use Tableau’s visual data analysis tool for business intelligence (BI), which allows us to provide services in fundamental target marketing, marketing inflow, and genetic signature analysis.”

Prior to the introduction of Tableau, servers had to be accessed manually, and data sourced from multiple channels could not be viewed in one place. Tableau improved the executives’ satisfaction by decreasing weekly report turnaround times and allowing the business status brief to be ascertained on a visual dashboard.

Building a culture of data-driven business decisions

Prior to the introduction of Tableau, Invites Healthcare employees had to use an inordinate amount of time in preparing visualized reports, as data was decentralized across 10 different channels. Employees required a self-serviceable, coding-free business intelligence (BI) tool that could easily leverage data for insights and could share results across the company to enable timely data-driven decisions.

Invites Healthcare introduced Tableau in sync with Care8 DNA launched in September last year. ‘Tableau Basic Training’ and online training sessions allowed working-level employees to leverage all of Tableau dashboard capabilities and produce customer insight in real-time. 

In addition, by fostering a data-sharing corporate culture, all business divisions of Invites Healthcare had instant access to the data analysis reports produced by the R&D department, ready to be used for business operations.

Ho-Chang Sun, VP of Invites Healthcare shared, “Prior to the introduction of Tableau, we had to manually connect to servers, and the data generated from multiple channels was difficult to view at a glance. Tableau decreased weekly report turnaround time and presented the overall business status on a single visual dashboard, improving executives’ satisfaction.


Able to analyze and visualize data, even from the early stages of business

Based on the experiences gained from previous deployments of Tableau in other businesses, the executives at Invites Healthcare considered introducing Tableau from the early stages of business. The outstanding features of Tableau were leveraged to improve data management capabilities, bolster security for sensitive customer health data, and build a reliable and trustworthy digital healthcare platform. 

The Invites Healthcare marketing department, in particular, monitors on the Tableau dashboard in real time data Google Analytics, Naver Keyword Ads, Facebook and Instagram, and various other marketing channels and bases its marketing strategies on the analytic results.

Hee-Sun Choi, a manager at Invites Healthcare shared that, “The online marketing advertising performance measured through Tableau-based automated reporting is helping us make quick decisions.”

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Creating positive customer experiences with newsletter services using the Tableau dashboard

The global proliferation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has raised interest in health and well-being, and, by extension, digital healthcare. As current circumstances severely limit in-person contact, keeping accurate track of customer information collected online, purchase, and feedback all require rapid organization of data to improve existing services and develop new ones. Tableau’s dashboard and its data-visualization has played a major role.

Invites Healthcare uses Tableau dashboard feature to generate customer gene distribution charts based on Care8 DNA, a platform for tailored health management based on genetic testing. Furthermore, Invites Healthcare designated a biweekly Data Day to regularly provide newsletters containing the company’s output of genetic data and relevant public data. Since this information was provided, the number of comments under the content posts increased by about 300%, confirming great customer interest in the data.

Eunyoung Lee, manager in the Marketing Department at Invites Healthcare stated, “Tableau’s interactive analytics dashboard allows us to measure marketing effectiveness in a timely manner, and this has enabled us to deliver customized newsletters to our customers with meaningful insights about their genetic data.”