Banking, capital markets, and asset management analytics

Financial institutions across the globe use Tableau to gain insights that help them improve service, capture new opportunities, and stand out from the competition. Zero in on what matters at any moment using dynamic reports with live data. Cross-portfolio visibility helps you identify trends and risks company-wide and uncover relationships inside your business, so you can react faster and reap the rewards.

Wells Fargo leverages Tableau to tell the collective story of the customer

Wells Fargo & Company is an international banking and financial services company with more than 70 million customers across 8,700+ locations. With Tableau, Wells Fargo’s customer insights team took what they called messy, “gobblygoop”, disparate data and turned it into sound insights that drove strategy around the redesign of their business banking portal. Now, with Tableau, the team achieves more results with less team resources, propelling them to make business decisions faster.

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I can answer things within a business meeting at the speed we're going at now. Before Tableau, we were talking a day or two turnaround per question. Now I can sit with my laptop in a meeting and answer questions on 20 million rows of data basically on the fly.