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Share your data discoveries

Tableau Desktop gives you the power to see your data in a whole new way. Explore and answer critical business questions in just minutes — but don’t keep these insights to yourself. What if you could quickly and securely share data, reports, and dashboards with your team, company, and customers?

Tableau’s sharing and collaboration options make that easy, whether your data is on-premise, in the cloud, or spread across a hybrid deployment. Simply choose the Tableau option that best integrates into your existing data environment: Install Tableau Server on-premise, on the public cloud, or use Tableau Online for a fully-hosted solution.

Tableau Server

Install on-premise

Tableau Server allows everyone in your organization to benefit from governed data discovery and self-service analytics. If most of your data is on-premise, you probably want to keep your analytics there too. Choosing Tableau Server makes it easy to connect to all your data—on-prem or in the cloud. Easily publish interactive dashboards and manage permissions across groups. What's more, your team can access interactive, published dashboards securely from any browser or mobile device.

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Install on the public cloud

If you’d prefer to not manage your own servers on-premise or if your data is already in the public cloud, Tableau Server can also be installed on Azure, GCP, or AWS. This lets you benefit from all the great features offered by Tableau Server, with the added flexibility of the leading public cloud solutions.

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Tableau Online

Fully hosted by Tableau

If you don’t want to install, configure, or purchase hardware, Tableau Online is your answer. You’ll be up and running in minutes. Securely share interactive dashboards and data—whether in the cloud or on your local network—with teams inside and outside your organization. Even benefit from scheduled managed refreshes of your local data, to ensure that everyone is seeing the latest and greatest. Your teams can access published dashboards from any browser or mobile device.

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Which option is right for you?

Install on-premise
  • You have the resources to set up and maintain on-premise software
  • You store most of your data on-premise
  • You need to ensure that sensitive information remains behind your firewall

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Install on a cloud platform
  • You're already using AWS, Azure or GCP for your infrastructure or data
  • You want full control of your software, but don't want to manage hardware

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Fully hosted by Tableau
  • You want the simplicity and scalability of a fully hosted solution
  • You need to easily share analytics with people outside of your organization, like customers and partners
  • You would like to centralize your core platforms in the cloud

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