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Get your business cooking with Tableau.

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Analytics at scale

Tableau is focused on one thing - helping people see and understand data. Organizations everywhere, across all industries and departments, from global enterprises to non-profits, are empowering their people with data. With Tableau they are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before. Learn more about how organizations like yours are using our platform to drive their business forward.

Build a culture of analytics

Put data at the center of every decision. As she receives a new order, Lisa, who works for a fish distribution facility, can ask and answer questions with data. Facts, not opinions, have the final say.

Work the way you think

Allow the people who know the business to engage with trusted data. When Dave, a manager of several fishing boats, has a question about recent trends, he has the tools to explore and find answers. Maximize the return on your data by giving everyone the opportunity to discover its hidden insights.

Advanced analytics made simple

Tableau makes it easy to dive deep into the data – no programming or scripting required. When Rachel, a purchasing manager of a multi-national restaurant chain needs make a decision on where to use her resources, she can focus on the data without the software getting in the way.

How people use Tableau