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The steps below will help introduce you to your Tableau Online trial. Learn how to connect to your data, build views and dashboards, and how to share your site with the rest of your team. Need additional resources to evaluate the full Tableau Platform? We've got your covered!

Get to know your trial site

Watch this short video to get familiar with Tableau Online. Learn to navigate your new site and explore how content is organized. For more in-depth information, check out our tour your Tableau site article.

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Connect to data

Adding data to your site is the first step to analyzing data, and analyzing your data is why you're here! Connect to data directly from Tableau Online by uploading files, connecting to web-based data sources, or using a Dashboard Starter. You can also publish data to your site using Tableau Desktop.

Need data?

Sometimes finding the right data to help evaluate a BI solution is hard. Downloading these CSV files and uploading them to your trial site can help. Don't worry. We chose some fun ones for you to explore.

  1. Wines Data Source
  2. New York City Airbnb Data Source
  3. Superstore Data Source

Once downloaded, go to your site, click Create Workbook, and upload one of the files. You'll be able to start asking data questions right away.

Schedule, track, and manage your data

The Tableau Data Management Add-on functionality is included in your trial site. Make sure the prepped data from Tableau Prep Builder is up to date through scheduling, monitoring, and alerts. Get a complete picture of your data on your Tableau Online site with external assets, lineage, and impact analysis. Make sure the right data is being used in all stages of analysis.

You're in good company

Tableau empowers the world’s top organizations to see and understand their data—inspiring breakthroughs and driving impact. And they all started right where you are now, in a Tableau Platform trial.

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Create workbooks

Creating a workbook allows you to share live data and interactive dashboards with team members while ensuring your data remains up-to-date and secure. You build a workbook directly in your Tableau Online site or build it in Tableau Desktop and publish it to your site. Learn how:

Share your trial site

You’re not the only one in your organization who needs powerful and intuitive analytics. Don’t keep it all to yourself. It’s time to begin adding users to your Tableau Online trial site. Add up to 25 users to your Tableau Online trial site and empower your team to browse, publish, edit content, and collaborate around trusted data. When you purchase Tableau Online, you can add thousands!

Add new users

Try more of the Tableau Platform

More ways to see and understand your data

Tableau Desktop

Dive deeper into your analysis with Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Prep Builder

Data preparation can be hard. See how visual and intuitive it can be.

Tableau Data Management Add-on

Better manage the data in your Tableau environment.

Access your analytics anywhere

On the go? Take your data with you. Use the Tableau mobile app to access your data wherever you are, whenever you need it, on whatever device you have with you.

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Organize content

Your trial site is a blank slate when you first start, but they're some easy ways to provide a little structure. Organizing the content in your trial site is essential to help your team find and use the information they need. Learn how:

Create projects

Projects help you hold and organize related resources. Often, site admins create high-level projects tied to your company’s organizational structure (i.e., by department). Teams in each department can then create sub-projects with designated project leaders.

Learn how to create projects

User roles

Ask yourself, what capabilities do your people need to be successful? Tailor each user’s role based on how they will interact with your site.

See how to set User site roles

Group users together

Often, similarly situated people in your organization will need access to the same kinds of content. For example, the Finance team usually needs to access the same data sources and workbooks. Arrange users into groups according to what they’ll need to do.

Create User Groups

The power of the Tableau Community

One of the best features of Tableau Online is the Tableau Community. We have the most passionate, engaged, and helpful community out there. Network, ask questions, share ideas, and hear what's coming next.

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