Mixing Modes: Active and Passive Integration of Speech, Text, and Visualization for Communicating Data Uncertainty

EuroVis 2024 (May 27 - 31), Odense, Denmark

Interpreting uncertain data can be difficult, particularly if the data presentation is complex. We investigate the efficacy of different modalities for representing data and how to combine the strengths of each modality to facilitate the communication of data uncertainty. We implemented two multimodal prototypes to explore the design space of integrating speech, text, and visualization elements. A preliminary evaluation with 20 participants from academic and industry communities demonstrates that there exists no one-size-fits-all approach for uncertainty communication strategies; rather, the effectiveness of conveying uncertain data is intertwined with user preferences and situational context, necessitating a more refined, multimodal strategy for future interface design.


Chase Stokes, Chelsea Sanker, Bridget Cogley, Vidya Setlur

Tableau Author(s)

Vidya Setlur