Robin Stewart

Research Scientist

Robin in an orange jacket
Engineering should and can be part of the art of design.


Robin Stewart's research focuses on user interfaces that make data analysis dramatically easier to understand. His prototypes convert abstract statistical concepts into objects that can be directly manipulated in real time. Robin pioneered Tableau's Project Elastic, a mobile data analysis tool that incorporates much of this research. He has also contributed to Tableau's statistics and calculations features, including box plots, forecasting, and the calculation language. Prior to Tableau, Robin designed and developed software for data visualization, diagramming, math, and economics. He received his masters degree in Computer Science from MIT, where he studied human-computer interaction, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence. Robin is also on a quest to learn every art form ever. Some favorites include paper cutout silhouettes, Indian dance, theatre lighting design, and aerial circus acrobatics.

Areas of interest

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Data Visualization and Analysis