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Tableau Pulse is a reimagined data experience, built on the Tableau platform, that empowers every employee with intelligent, personalized, and contextual insights delivered in the flow of work. Tableau Pulse helps everyone in your organization integrate data into their daily jobs to make better, faster decisions. Without having to learn a new tool or build comprehensive visualizations, Tableau Pulse helps you go beyond the how and what and shows you the why behind your data.

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We're genuinely captivated by Tableau Pulse’s potential. It delivers straightforward and digestible insights for business users in their flow of work, enabling faster and more informed decision making. And, the integration of generative AI adds a layer of context that enhances the understanding of shared metrics.

Get natural language insights to understand your data.

Insights Platform

Knowing where, when, and why to pay attention to your business has never been easier. Within Tableau Pulse, the Insights platform automatically detects drivers, trends, contributors, and outliers for the metrics you follow. It proactively flags changes that matter to you. Using natural language and supporting visual explanations, Tableau Pulse summarizes the insights so you can make appropriate and timely decisions.

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Act on AI-powered insights while staying in your flow of work.

Next-Gen Experiences

Discover, follow, and share your key business metrics to quickly identify insights in a friendly and intuitive experience. Tableau Pulse’s Next-Gen Experiences provide digestible data insights wherever you like to work—whether it’s in Slack, email, Salesforce, or any application. The best part? Tableau Pulse delivers your insights proactively so you can make decisions on time.

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Scale insights across your business with unified metrics.

Metrics Layer

Create a standard definition of your data to power your insights and analysis in Tableau Cloud. Tableau Pulse’s metrics layer lets you define metrics and enrich them with real-world business context. You can reuse your metrics to solve countless use cases and maintain consistency across your organization.

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Increase productivity with AI-powered insights.

Tableau AI

Tableau Pulse is powered by Tableau AI, a suite of predictive and generative AI capabilities that simplify and democratize data analysis and insight consumption at scale. Thanks to Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse makes it easy to discover relevant metrics, surfaces automated analytics in plain language, and proactively anticipates user questions.

Tableau AI is built on the Einstein Trust Layer, meaning it enables trusted, ethical, and open AI-powered experiences without compromising data security and privacy.

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