Governance for Tableau: Enable real-time, self-service analytics at scale

What does it mean to go beyond discovering insights to driving meaningful change across the entire organization? Modern, self-service business intelligence has the potential to drive enterprise transformations by empowering people to ask and answer their own questions with trusted, secure data.

Today’s data-driven organizations seek an approach to modern, self-service analytics that balances the needs of IT and the business—ensuring both governance and business agility. To achieve this, people across teams must work together, communicating their insights and leveraging each other’s work. And you, IT, are the central actor that makes all of this possible.

Enabling self-service analytics to transform enterprise BI

People in your organization are already using Excel and other tools to answer their questions. But moving data into ungoverned environments for downstream analysis and collaboration via files and email poses risks for data security, content governance, and trust. So how do you take charge and enable self-service analytics while also making sure the data is governed, trusted, and secure?

Moving from top-down, IT-led business intelligence toward a modern self-service model may seem like a night-and-day change. However, it’s important to acknowledge that deploying modern analytics is never all or nothing, nor should governed self-service analytics at scale be considered a destination so much as an ongoing, iterative journey.


Governance at scale with a modern analytics platform

This paper will provide an overview of important considerations to ensure governance at scale as you deploy a modern, self-service analytics platform across your business. We aim to help IT understand the important roles, responsibilities, and repeatable processes needed to collaborate with the business, including delegating administrative tasks, in order to scale your analytics solution and make data-driven decision-making the norm throughout your organization.

Learn more about these key steps to deploy and scale governed, self-service analytics across your organization with Tableau:

  1. Set up your environment rapidly to create immediate value.
  2. Centralize and standardize your data models.
  3. Empower your people to be self-reliant and build trust.
  4. Monitor and audit usage, optimizing performance.


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