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Tableau AI: Propel Your Data Culture With Generative AI

Join this webinar to see how Tableau’s game-changing AI innovations—Tableau Pulse and Einstein Copilot—will reimagine how every individual and organisation uses data.

See how Tableau Pulse—the AI analytics experience for business users—make data analysis easy by predicting users questions in plain language and delivering newsfeed insights directly to your inbox.

Then discover how Einstein Copilot maximises analyst productivity through step-by-step assistance to automate data prep, analysis, and dashboard creation.

Register now to learn how Tableau AI will help you:

  • Unlock business insights fast—even if you have no technical data skills
  • Ask and answer questions via a conversational analytics experience
  • Get smart, personalised insights delivered directly to your flow of work
  • Automate data analysis, prep and governance with a trusted, ethical foundation

About the speakers

Nate Nichols

Dr. Nate Nichols

Head of Generative AI, Tableau

As VP of Product Management, Nate owns Tableau’s Generative AI (GAI) strategy and works with product development teams across Tableau to build amazing new GAI capabilities that uphold our commitment to trust and governance. Nate was previously Chief Scientist at Narrative Science (acquired by Tableau in 2021) and has over 40 patents related to GAI and text generation. He earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University in 2010, with a thesis titled “Machine-generated Content.”


Harveen Kathuria

Senior Director, Product Management

Peter Sherman

Principal, Account SE, Tableau

Peter Sherman leads the technical sales team responsible for Tableau's AI and Augmented Experiences features. He partners with the Product team to amplify the voice of the customer and make sure those ideas are incorporated into our product roadmap. Prior to acquisition by Tableau, Peter helped Narrative Science build AI and NLG solutions in the analytics space. In his free time, Peter enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, and playing ice hockey.

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