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Tableau Embedded Analytics: Analytics when and where you need it!

What if you could integrate data, visualisations and dashboards anywhere you wanted? What if you could use your data to generate new revenue streams and increase the value of your services and products?

Embedded analytics makes it possible!

In this webinar, you will learn what the various components are of a custom embed portal and learn about best practices for making efficient embedded dashboards. The Information Lab will also share how they have collaborated with Aon, a customer in the Risk Management industry on an embeded analytics project.

If you are new to Embedded Analytics or if you need a refresher, you should consider watching our on-demand webinar Get To Know Embedded Analytics first!

About the speakers


Andre de Vries

Solutions Engineer, The Information Lab

Andre is a Solutions Engineer at The Information Lab. He specialises in the Tableau Developer toolkit and helps customers be successful with Embedded Analytics implementations. Besides this focus on external analytics, Andre is also a Certified Tableau Trainer and has therefore a wide expertise in all facets of the Tableau platform.


Simon Evans

Tableau Consultant at The Information Lab

Coming from a sport science background, Simon has always worked with data throughout his academic and professional career. Frustrated with the limitations of Excel to produce dashboards and reports, Simon was introduced to Tableau whilst working at Manchester United. Simon quickly realised the power Tableau had to produce more compelling visualisations with deeper levels of insight and subsequently has never looked back. Simon is now a Tableau Consultant in the Information Lab's Data School.

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