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Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original

See how Netflix built its analytics in the cloud with Tableau and Amazon Web Services

Building out a data platform doesn't have to be like building a House of Cards, and our friends at Netflix know this better than anyone else. With 86 million members and counting, and more than 700 billion events per day, Netflix has had to expand their data capabilities by developing a scalable and flexible analytics platform built on Tableau and AWS.

Attend this webinar to hear from Albert Wong, analytics expert at Netflix, to see how they simplified their data stack by building a data lake/data warehouse strategy which allows Netflix to collect and store massive amounts of data, supporting thousands of Tableau users with managed data.

You'll learn about:

  • How to set up effective analytics on top of enormous data sets
  • How Netflix serves large groups of people with governed data
  • The details of Netflix's data lake/data warehouse strategy
  • How Netflix manages Hadoop with Tableau

About the speakers


Mike Klaczynski

Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Mike has spent the last three years at Tableau learning, then teaching, and finally promoting a culture of analytics, both in business and media. He leads a team of interactive visualization experts whose work is seen worldwide.


Albert Wong

Manager, Reporting Platform – Netflix

Albert's career started in business intelligence and over the past 12 years, he's grown a passion for getting the best tools into the hands of users to make the most out of their data. Prior to Netflix, he consulted at CNET, Google, Disney, and the USPS. Currently, he's active in the local Tableau User Groups and loves learning about new emerging data technologies.

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