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Set Up for Success: How sets and advanced calculations work in Tableau

About the speakers


Kirk Munroe

Strategic Customer Success Manager at Tableau Software

Kirk is a Strategic Customer Success Manager at Tableau. He works with Tableau's largest clients in Canada to drive success and adoption using the Tableau Blueprint. Kirk joined Tableau in 2017. His career in enterprise software has included roles in marketing, product management, and sales enablement, most of it in business intelligence and analytics companies.


Evan Payne

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Evan Payne comes from a background of project and vendor management for a large retail chain. After performing data analysis for 1400+ stores in Excel for five years, he discovered Tableau. He has now been at Tableau for over 4 years, and is excited to see his previous organization now thriving with their rollout of Tableau. During his tenure at Tableau, he has had a heavy focus on enabling Tableau Communities from their initial formation to continued proficiency and success. As a Customer Success Manager, he believes ongoing community is crucial to the success of a strong data culture.

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