Leading the Way: A Guided eLearning Journey

During this unprecedented and challenging time, Tableau is committed to ensuring organizations realize the full power of their data through online learning.

Tableau is providing 90 days of free eLearning to help you gain the ability to confidently answer the questions you have of your data and build your skills for the future - and we’re not stopping there! Given the incredible response we have had to our eLearning offer, we’re bringing you a series of live virtual learning experiences designed to accelerate your journey and amplify your Tableau skills. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, these learning paths are tailored just for you.

During this series, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a practical approach to eLearning with real world examples
  • Advance your Tableau skills and gain the ability to answer the most critical business questions with your data
  • Connect with your industry community and learn how to apply your new skills to common problems in your field

To get started:
1. Download Tableau Desktop
2. Get 90 days free eLearning
3. Tell us what YOU care about! Take this brief survey to shape your own learning experience
4. Choose your learning path below


I'm new to Tableau

I can use Show Me

I can create a dashboard

I can use quick table calculations



I can write some calculations

I can create buttons

I can create dashboard actions



I can write FIXED LODs and maybe even EXCLUDE LODs

I can write table calculations and maybe even know how to nest them