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Globe Telecom: Having Less Matters More in Digital Transformation

When it comes to harnessing value out of data, it’s not about how large your data lake is, or the number of models or reports you created. Oftentimes, organisations that suffer from the lack of data, or siloed data, produce more than they need. Dan from Globe Telecom – a leader in mobile services in the Philippines, and a purveyor of a digital lifestyle – will share about their digital transformation journey. From juggling thousands of reports in the past to grounding their focus to a vital few dashboards today. A single source of truth prevails at every decision point, enabling every business group at Globe Telecom to be data-driven from within.

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About the speaker


Dan Noel Natindim

Vice President and Head of Enterprise Data Office Globe Telecom

As a seasoned technology and analytics executive, Dan joined Globe Telecom to enable the company to harness value from big data and analytics and be data-driven. He made several transformations happen including modernization of BI, journey to self-service, data democratization, and creation of AI and real-time systems.

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