Salesforce Live Asia 2020

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Data and the ability to analyze it effectively are more critical now than ever. Having a flexible analytics solution that can handle any data and any use case for all users is essential.

With the addition of Tableau, and together with Einstein Analytics, Customer 360 Analytics by Salesforce is the world’s leading analytics solution.

For users who need access to analytics within the CRM workflow, Einstein Analytics is native to the Salesforce Platform, letting you work more efficiently, spot trends faster, predict outcomes, and get timely recommendations.

For analytics that go beyond CRM, Tableau brings together all your data from across the enterprise, giving you deep, analytical insights via clear interactive data visualizations.

At Salesforce Live Asia 2020 on 8 July 2020, over 90 sessions–including on Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)–were created. Catch these featured sessions available on-demand now!

Globe Telecom: Having Less Matters More in Digital Transformation (13 mins)

When it comes to harnessing value out of data, it’s not about how large your data lake is, or the number of models or reports you created. Oftentimes, organisations that suffer from the lack of, or siloed, data produce more than they need. Dan from Globe Telecom – a leader in mobile services in the Philippines, and a purveyor of a digital lifestyle – will share about their digital transformation journey. From juggling thousands of reports in the past to grounding their focus to a vital few dashboards today. A single source of truth prevails at every decision point, enabling every business group at Globe Telecom to be data-driven from within.

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Gojek: Leveraging Analytics for the Super App of the Future (8 mins)

From a unicorn to a decacorn, Gojek’s journey in the last decade was one that was uniquely built on data, and driven by insights. Growing out of its ride-hailing and food delivery business to making Gojek a super app and a way of life for its consumers, hear from Immanuel on how the data team supports the business – from using analytics to improve their offerings and user experience, to serving the right product or service to the right user at the right moment.

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Luxasia: Driving ROI with Customer 360 Marketing and Best Practices to Accelerate Your Adoption (10 mins)

Learn how Luxasia personalizes, orchestrates and engages their customer using a data-driven journey for measurable outcomes.

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The World’s Leading Analytics Solution: Tableau + Einstein Analytics (8 mins)

The combination of Tableau and Einstein Analytics means a truly unmatched analytics solution for anyone, anywhere, and with any data. Learn how you can leverage Salesforce's analytics solution to go from data, to insights, to action faster than ever before!

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Tableau: Enterprise Analytics Platform for Everyone (10 mins)

When data is critical to your business, your analytics platform needs to be secure, governed, scalable, and reliable. Tableau pioneered self-service analytics, empowering people of any skill level to work with data. Learn how Tableau’s Enterprise Analytics Platform offers powerful capabilities that support the needs of your business, from data preparation to data exploration to data visualization.

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Einstein Analytics: AI-Augmented Analytics for CRM Users (9 mins)

Learn how Einstein Analytics helps Salesforce CRM users surface insights, get intelligent recommendations, and take action right within the CRM environment.

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Tableau: If Data Could Talk (10 mins)

Even as work arrangements got disruptive in recent times, it didn’t mean that we’re not still sharing insights or data. In this episode, Andy Cotgreave, author of ‘The Big Book of Dashboards’, will give you the tips you need to ensure your charts and data have an impact in your next presentation. You will also be able to apply these tricks to all the charts you build.

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