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The Power of Visual Analytics for Retailers

For retailers to succeed in today's rapidly-changing environment, understanding your data is vital to creating competitive advantage.

Join this live webinar to learn how the analytical power of Tableau can help you transform your retail data into key business insights. See how Tableau can quickly explore and breakdown sales, stock, and marketing data—transforming how you solve retail problems.

Discover how every retailer can build a clearer picture of business performance using simple but powerful AI and natural language capabilities.

Register now to learn how Tableau can help you:

  • Analyse sales, stock, and marketing retail data
  • Unlock data-driven insights using AI and natural language
  • Build a retail dashboard for business leaders

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About the speakers


Hayley Bridges

Enterprise Account Executive, Tableau

Hayley is an Account Executive at Tableau based in London. She is responsible for helping customers within the Retail sector see and understand data, to make more insight-driven decisions and achieve their strategic business goals.


George Gray

Lead Solution Engineer - Retail and Consumer Goods Industry, Tableau

George has spent the last 9 years in analytics and visualisation, working with a variety of tools and systems and has experience across multiple sectors from; Financial Services, Manufacturing and with specific focus in the last 3 years on Retail. He has a drive to help make the complex simple for all users, and truly believes the biggest asset a company has is its data. George loves to help people see and understand data!

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