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Leading through change: Managing and Enabling Your Workforce

As COVID19 disrupts Financial Services activities at various levels, workforce management has become an essential component to the response of the situation. Using data, HR departments have been able to navigate the crisis by reconfiguring the workplace and assisting customer facing teams in their adjustments and preparation for reopening services.
As you plan to reopen, how can data and analytics help get your employees back to work in a safe, phased approach? As part of our presentation we will showcase Tableau along with Einstein Prediction Builder & Discovery to show how organizations use data to decide which facilities to reopen first after the COVID-19 crisis eases.

This session will give you an overview of how data has been strategically leveraged to support workforce management and how Tableau has helped organizations to see and understand their workforce data.

About the speaker


Jeff Nicholson

Principal Solution Engineer

Data lover, long-suffering Oilers fan and music junkie based in Toronto, Ontario. Jeff has over 15 years’ experience as an Analytics professional providing solution expertise to leading Canadian organizations and government agencies.

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