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Giving Consumers On-Demand Real Estate Market Data

There’s one thing every house hunter or real estate investor wants to know; is now a good time to buy? To help answer that question, Redfin, a real estate brokerage, is making the latest real estate market data available to view and download on the Redfin Data Center. Through Tableau interactive dashboards, homeowners can see if prices are rising in their area, how quickly homes are selling, and more. This data comes directly from the multiple listing services in the areas where Redfin has agents, ensuring that it is timely and accurate.

Redfin also offers data that no one else has -- the change in the number of Redfin customers touring homes and writing offers--which are early indicators of housing market performance. These are the tools that Redfin uses every day to run its business, and now the brokerage is making it available to everyone.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the Redfin Data Center and how journalists, investors, real estate agents, buyers and sellers can use it to make informed decisions.

Explore and learn more about the Redfin Data Center

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About the speakers

Nela Richardson

Chief Economist, Redfin
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