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How to Measure Data Literacy to Increase Organizational Success

The pandemic has shown the importance of improving data skills to increase an organization’s competitive advantage. But for Healthcare and life science organizations, it’s more than a competitive advantage; it’s about leveraging data-driven insights to improve patients and members’ health. To accomplish this, healthcare organizations need professionals who possess the necessary skills to interpret and understand data.

How can organizations measure data skills and decrease their financial risk? Join Tableau for a webinar discussing real-world scenarios that are impacting health systems today.

This webinar will discuss:

  • How data needs are growing, but there is a skills gap within many organizations.
  • Show a maturity model using real metrics and common data gaps at various stages.
  • The organizational pain points, such as turnover and how investing in data literacy can reduce and improve pain points

About the speakers


Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Principal High Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez is a globally recognized industry expert in software education and Data Literacy. Sarah brings her deep knowledge of technical education to Customer Success to help companies build a successful data culture.

Sarah is passionate about education and the difference it can make in people’s lives. As one of the original pioneers of the Data Literacy movement, she frequently speaks on how to implement education programs and the need for Data Literacy skills today.


Gule Sheikh

Strategic Success Manager, Tableau

Gulé is a technologist by trade and former executive that founded a health-tech company, scaled it by 1000% and sold the company after 7 years of running it. She was interviewed by Melinda Gates as one of the few health-tech startup owners that raised over $2MM in the Midwest. She developed the only algorithm for price transparency at the point of care, in the US. Her background in predictive analytics led her to Tableau, as data driven decisions have played a role along every aspect of her career.

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