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A Blueprint Approach to Implementing Tableau Cloud with Crowdstrike

Data is moving to the cloud faster than ever before.

With the volumes and varieties of data collected today, every company is now a data company. But not every analytics platform is the same. Join us to learn how Crowdstrike, a cybersecurity technology company, used Tableau Blueprint to effectively bring their analytics solution to the cloud. 

10:00 - 10:05am - Tableau Cloud and Tableau Blueprint 101
10:05 - 10:35am - Crowdstrike's journey to Tableau Cloud
10:35 - 10:45am - Q&A with Crowdstrike and Tableau experts

Build a data culture with Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organization.

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About the speakers


Adrian Rios

Business Intelligence Architect

Adrian is the BI Architect working on the Enterprise Data Services team at CrowdStrike. He has been working in the Business Intelligence space for over 12 years, specifically with Tableau for the last 7 years across many different facets including Installation and Setup, Administration, Dashboard and Data Source Development, Training and Automation. Adrian loves building data visualizations and dashboards because it allows him to apply his creative and technical sides together to help people understand information in a new way.


Sam McVicar

Crowdstrike Business Intelligence Architect

Sam McVicar is a seasoned professional with over 9 years of experience as a Data Analyst and Architect. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in creating high-level vizualizations tailored for executive use, allowing them to gain valuable insight and make informed decisions. His expertise lies in designing robust data architectures that are pivotal in enabling successful and scalable Data Analytics implementations.


Lily Assefi

Solution Engineer

Lily Assefi has spent the past 4 years serving as a trusted advisor to companies when it comes to Tableau and their overall analytics strategy. As a Solutions Engineer aligned to the tech industry, she helps guide folks in their evaluation and provides insight into best practices when it comes to the implementation of Tableau.

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