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Analytics for Sustainability in Banking

Sustainability and ESG are key topics in the Banking Sector. At Salesforce, we are convinced that Sustainability is not just a buzz-word, but much rather it will become a “license to operate” for Banks and Financial Services Institutions across the globe. Customers are increasingly looking for sustainability offerings - in fact, banks that actively pursue sustainability goals enjoy a 51% higher NPS score compared to their peers. 

Nonetheless, banks still have quite a way to go - in Europe, only 40%-60% of customers (country-dependent) believe their bank to be sustainable. This shift in customer expectations paired with heavy regulatory pressure with regards to ESG is reflected in the strong sense of urgency banking CxOs feel with regards to this topic. 

To help banks gain transparency on ESG, we have developed an Analytics Solution in Tableau, which can also be directly integrated with the CRM of bankers. The solution makes market-typical ESG data actionable and digestible for corporate and institutional bankers whilst also integrating 3rd party data to help bankers make informed decisions.

This 5min demo highlights what the solution includes and how it can help you on your road to implementing your bank’s sustainability agenda.

About the speakers


Misko Flury

Lead Solution Engineer | Tableau Software

Misko Flury, a Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at Tableau, works already since more than 3 years with the Tableau Platform. Before he joined Tableau, Misko was working with Tableau at the European Central Bank and Daimler, where he could see the challenges to transform into a data driven organisation.


Camillo Barrata


As an Industry Advisor for FinServ in EMEA at Salesforce, I help our customers to better understand the wide range of possible applications of analytics and to share best practices cross-industry. Previously, I worked in strategy consulting at McKinsey Digital and in investment banking at Credit Suisse, where I experienced the added value of Tableau as an analytics platform at a very early stage. I'm also a data scientist by education and love seeing analytics put in action to drive data-driven decisions.

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