Webinar Series

Using analytics to prevent fraud, evaluate risk, and analyze performance

Financial Services Webinar Series

Learn how leading banks, insurers, wealth managers, and capital markets firms are using Tableau to spot fraud, risk, and performance at the speed of thought.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Preventing fraud and financial crimes
Detecting potential fraudulent activities within your organization can be challenging. Whether you are monitoring bank account activities, examining insurance claims, or investigating suspicious...
63 min
Evaluating credit risk and financial exposure
Understanding credit risk and its impact on reserves and write-offs is fundamental yet challenging to manage. Join us as we share how to use Tableau to analyze exposure by risk characteristics,...
61 min
Analyzing asset and portfolio performance
How do asset managers monitor performance, counterparty risk and market risk? How do financial advisors optimize performance for their clients and drive a larger share of wallet? Join us as we...
57 min