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How to Win Europe's Favourite Song Contest

When it comes to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, how important is strategic and geographic voting in deciding who's crowned the winner? Let’s see what the data says.

Watch this webinar to see two Iron Viz finalists visually analyse 50,000 rows of Eurovision data spanning the last 44 years, in order to discover the secret behind winning Europe's favourite song contest. See how creative visual analytics techniques such as tile maps, spatial functions, parameter actions and beautiful dashboard design can tell the data story of Eurovision.

Discover how Tableau can unlock Eurovision's biggest secrets including:

  • The data behind Eurovision's geographic voting patterns.
  • The five countries which consistently choose the winner.
  • Why scoring 12 points isn't necessarily the key to victory.
  • What we can learn from a nations historical performance?

Check out all three dashboards from the Iron Viz final - Anna Dzikowska, Tristan Schouten, and Simon Stusak.

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About the speakers


Tristan Schouten

Data Analytics Consultant - Infotopics

Tristan is an analytics consultant at Infotopics based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He enables clients to translate their data into management information.
You can follow Tristan on Tableau Public and Twitter.


Simon Stusak

Hopmann Marketing Analytics

Simon is a data viz enthusiast based in Munich, Germany.
You can follow Simon on Twitter and Tableau Public

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