Classroom Training

Art + Data

3 days on-site

Art + Data is a design methodology that drives the conceptualization and development of Tableau dashboards. This non-technical workshop will teach analysts how to expedite report building in Tableau and empower analysts to create well-designed, easy-to-use dashboards. Learn to create tools that clearly communicate data stories and contribute to a culture of analytics within your organization. Available on-site for up to 10 students.

On-site Training

This workshop is designed for Tableau users looking to increase the speed and quality of their Tableau development.
You'll learn how to:

Construct better data stories:

  • Identify and document a dashboard’s goals and objectives, audience, and key requirements.
  • “Sight-read” datasets using Tableau.
  • Explore visualization types and understand their best application.
  • Draft wireframe drawings that support strong data stories.

Build Tableau dashboards faster:

  • Learn development techniques that help you efficiently build dashboards in Tableau.
  • Use wireframe drawings as blueprints to expedite dashboard building.
  • Learn design best practices that help you reinforce your data story aesthetically and improve user experience.
  • Leverage Tableau’s functionality to quickly implement the 5 Elements into your dashboard design.
  • Establish brand identity and add character to your dashboards to make analytics more memorable.

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None required. 3-6 months Tableau Desktop experience is suggested.

Workshop Includes

This workshop includes a copy of Art + Data: A Collection of Tableau Dashboards. It also comes with a printed workbook containing activities and information reviewed in the workshop. This workbook is designed to lead workshop participants through the course and to be a resource after the workshop has come and gone.

Workshop participants will also receive the packaged workbook (.twbx) files for all 20 dashboards featured in the Art + Data book. This means that participants can open the files to reverse-engineer our calculations, replicate our designs, and re-use our color palettes. Use our work to improve your own!

View our Cancellation Policy (PDF) for details.

The overarching themes of the workshop will definitely be game-changers for me... I was impressed with how much we were able to learn and immediately apply.

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