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The Tableau Foundation was established in 2014 accelerate the use of data in solving the world’s biggest problems. Since then, we have partnered with numerous organizations working to accelerate social change—from using data to track and combat infectious disease to visualizing the impact of climate change on communities. In 2018, Tableau Foundation announced a commitment to donate $100 million in software, training, and financial support by 2025.

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Meet the Foundation team

Neal Myrick

Global Head of the Tableau Foundation

Jason Schumacher

Senior Program Manager

Ashley Monson

Social Impact Program Manager

Channing Nesbitt

Social Impact Program Specialist

Neal Myrick is global head of Tableau Foundation, where he leads the company’s global impact initiatives focused on encouraging the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve world problems. Prior to Tableau, Neal worked for two pioneering technology companies, Aldus Corp. (acquired by Adobe) and Visio Corp. (acquired by Microsoft), where he ran global IT and facilities. After a mid-career break working as a barista and living in Central America, Neal became managing director of technology a national foundation focused on foster care. He left Casey to become executive director of a technology nonprofit and CEO of a consulting firm focused on technology for environmental nonprofits. Neal joined Tableau as a program director then moved from that role into head of Tableau Foundation. Neal is an active angel investor and has served as a volunteer, nonprofit board member, and philanthropist. He is a member of the governing board for Digital Square, a global health technology initiative, and on a data roundtable for the Global Partnership for Education.

Jason Schumacher is Senior Program Manager for Tableau Foundation and leads Tableau Foundation's grantmaking within the United States. He helps organizations work from a desire to become more data and outcomes driven to the point of having data embedded within the day-to-day work of how organizations operate.
Prior to joining Tableau Foundation, Jason Schumacher held roles in data analytics and program management.

Ashley Monson is a Social Impact Program Manager at Tableau, where she manages employee service and giving programs globally. Ashley joined Tableau Foundation in 2015 and oversaw the company’s first full year of employee donation matching and community grantmaking. Within her role, Ashley also manages pro bono programs including Tableau Service Corps, a skilled volunteering platform that connects non-profits around the world with experts in data analytics. Before joining Tableau, Ashley worked in the non-profit sector. She spent several years working for a foster care and social services agency. That work helped form her commitment to corporate philanthropy and community engagement.

Channing Nesbitt joined Tableau Foundation in 2019 as a Social Impact Program Specialist. He supports the community grantmaking cycle, giving and volunteering programs, and co-leads the Racial Justice Data Initiative. Within his role, Channing also helps manage the success of our non-profit partners through Tableau enablement and provides services to our partners as an accredited trainer. Channing joined Tableau Foundation while completing his master’s degree in public administration from the Evans School at the University of Washington. This experience formed his knowledge of public-private partnerships, social impact, and innovation, and now guides his work in corporate philanthropy.

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Tableau Foundation was a proud part of the 2015 launch of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and supports organizations that are creatively using data to reach those goals by 2030. We align our grantmaking priorities with the SDG framework.

We're also working with the data4sdgs.org community so that NGOs everywhere have the resources and support to do good great things with SDG data.

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