it's not your father's dashboard software

Executive dashboards are critical tools for staying informed in a hectic business environment. But many dashboards cost more time than they save.

Much of the blame lies with an outdated generation of dashboarding software. For years, the makers of dashboard software sold their software "upgrades" by promoting their flashiest dashboard animations and special effects. But dashboards should be designed to inform, not to impress.

The only goal of Tableau's executive dashboard software is to let you understand your business better. You won't find any animated speedometers here, just solid insight and a deep understanding of best practices for visual communication.

Modern dashboard software incorporates principles of good visual design to build dashboards that actually save executives time. A new generation of dashboarding software is taking the business world by storm by incorporating visual design best practices, drag-and-drop editing, and elegant interactivity. Tableau's software allows non-technical users to create interactive, real-time executive dashboards. In seconds.

executive dashboards that inform AND impress

Tableau incorporates the latest academic research in data visualization to build beautiful, effective dashboards. With a drag-and-drop interface, short set-up time, and award-winning visualization tools, Tableau is quickly becoming the software of choice for leading companies' executive dashboards.

your data at your fingertips

It's your data and your dashboard, so why do you need to go through IT to get it? Real-time, interactive, executive dashboards can now be built in minutes and adjusted in seconds to align with your business's current goals. Easy setup, customization, and filtering should be available for any dashboard, even when your data is coming from multiple data sources.

Tableau was spun out of Stanford University to bring the principles of visual design to life. It’s the next generation of dashboarding software- and it works. Download our free trial and try it out.