Moving Mindset through Metrics: Agile Transformation at Tableau

Agile software development is centered around changing requirements, sustainable pace of development, and reflecting for effectiveness, all in order to continuously deliver customer value. However, discussions around these topics are often fruitless without an empirical data: “How much work we can deliver?”, “How much change in requirements did we experience?”, “Are teams improving over time?”

Our 100+ development teams at Tableau require a minimal, common structure and consistency while staying true to Agile's self-organizing spirit. Metrics play a vital role in providing visibility across the organization, and help teams to self-identify problems, support adapting changes, and measure expected versus actual delivery. This session will explore Tableau's transition from Waterfall to Agile methodology, with a focus on outcome-oriented Scrum metrics and visualized analytics that move teams and leadership towards a more agile mindset.
Session Speakers: Amy Hsieh and Isaac Obezo

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