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What metrics are important to consider when reopening the US?

The latest guidance states that US localities should have a “downward trajectory of documented cases within 14 days” before proceeding with a gradual, phased reopening. In this visualization, Christian Felix uses several different methods to show whether a locality is experiencing such a downward trajectory or a sustained reduction of cases.

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UChicago Medicine uses Tableau to optimize their operations and effectively coordinate patient care across their hospitals.

National entities in other nations, such as the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, are analyzing real-time data, and the Tunisia Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation is using Tableau to monitor emergency call volume.

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Slalom’s coSAFE dashboard helps hospital leaders connect to their data sources to quickly view critical hospital level data, from patient data to PPE availability.

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Prominence is distributing, at no cost, a COVID-19 Tableau dashboard, metric workbook and instructional materials to healthcare provider organizations.

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