Wholesaler Streamlines Business Model and Increases Efficiency

Tableau’s quick analysis capabilities... has helped us immensely with addressing issues and streamlining our business model.

Customer Profile

Silvaris is North America’s leading wholesale provider of industrial wood products and surplus building materials. The company specializes in sourcing, selling, financing and transporting off-grade and excess products.

Customer Case Description

As a technology-powered trading company working in the wholesale market, Silvaris sources and sells products and provides credit and international logistics services to more than 3,500 customers. In order to manage the many variables involved in its transactions, the company created a proprietary online trading platform that streamlines the flow of critical information between traders, accounting, credit and logistics. This enables Silvaris to share transaction data and market information with its customers and partners in real time.

Given the rapidly fluctuating prices and large volume of materials with which the company works, it needed a real-time view into its data that didn’t require moving the data into a separate reporting format.

The Solution

Silvaris selected Tableau Software for its low cost, rapid implementation time and ability to connect with and visualize live data. Once the company began using Tableau, it quickly realized that it could replace its entire reporting system.

“Tableau’s quick analytics capabilities have lead to a number of positive changes in various different aspects of our business,” said Amy Cronin, marketing manager at Silvaris Corporation. “Just the ability to pull information out and relate it so easily has helped us immensely with addressing issues and streamlining our business model. While not directly measurable, that definitely goes straight to our bottom line in efficiency and improvements.”

One way the company used Tableau was to measure the adoption of a new ecommerce initiative. The lumber and panel industry is traditionally slow to adopt new technologies, and Silvaris has been the leader in helping to get the industry online. It takes daily effort to keep people coming back to the site, and Silvaris keeps track of the online vs. offline orders each month via a report created with Tableau. Whenever the balance slips, the company knows it needs to renew its push to keep people buying online.

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