Piper Stull-Lane

In a quest for global understanding, Piper translates developer speak into human speak. He's also got a soft spot for mobile. (Check out Tableau Mobile and Vizable—available in all the Stores.)


Using Gantt charts in Tableau to manage projects

Piper Stull-Lane Tracy Rodgers June 30, 2017
Product News

Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data

Piper Stull-Lane June 22, 2017
Product News

Meet Tableau 10.3

Piper Stull-Lane June 1, 2017

Lessons from the Server Admin Showcase at TC16

Piper Stull-Lane November 21, 2016

Oh, what a week! Highlights from TC16

Piper Stull-Lane November 11, 2016

Explore the viz that reigned supreme at Iron Viz 2016

Piper Stull-Lane November 10, 2016

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