Mike Klaczynski

Mike is all things enterprise and IT for Tableau marketing. As a SME he works closely with IT customers to better understand their needs and challenges in adopting self-service analytics at scale. He has extensive experience in data visualization and dashboard design and used to lead a team of interactive visualization experts whose work was seen worldwide. He builds and races cars in his spare time.


For Server-Admin Eyes Only

Mike Klaczynski March 31, 2016

Best of the Tableau Web... September 2014

Mike Klaczynski October 7, 2014

#data14 on Twitter

Mike Klaczynski September 14, 2014

8.2 Preview: Mapping

Mike Klaczynski June 12, 2014

DataSift + Google BigQuery + Tableau

Mike Klaczynski June 6, 2013

Unleashing the Tableau Data Server

Mike Klaczynski May 3, 2013

New in Tableau 8: Floating Content

Mike Klaczynski March 4, 2013

New in Tableau 8: Javascript API

Mike Klaczynski March 3, 2013

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