Tableau 10.5 Features


Box Connector

Connect directly to your Box data.

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Analyze data from Box with a few clicks and get the latest data synched securely from the cloud.


Mapping updates

Enjoy geocoding and mapping data improvements.

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Geocoding Improvements

We've added better geocoding support for cities in Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. US postcodes have been updated with this year's most recent data.


Improved workbook version compatibility

Open a compatible workbook with an older version of Tableau Desktop.

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Improved workbook version compatability

Now you can revert your workbooks to an older version with improved workbook version compatibility. Other users in your organization can open and edit a workbook even when they aren't using the latest version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2).


Tableau Desktop deployment improvements

Deploy Tableau Desktop at Scale.

Automated Desktop license activation

Mass deployments of Tableau Desktop just got easier. Now you can automate Desktop license activation at install time.

Expanded virtual desktop support

Easily manage your Tableau license keys across non-persistent virtual machines. Licenses will expire and be added back to your license pool for reuse.



Rev your data engines.


Hyper is Tableau’s new in-memory data engine technology, designed for fast data ingest and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets. With up to 3X* faster extract creation, you always have the latest data. Up to 5X* increase in query performance keeps you in the flow. Upgrading to Hyper is seamless; you can simply upgrade to Tableau 10.5 and no data migration is needed.

*Performance compared between Hyper and TDE using a mix of scenarios designed to reflect common customer uses cases. Customer results will vary.

Learn more about Hyper

Nested Projects

Easier content management with nested projects.

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Nested projects

You can now nest projects within projects, and customize permissions at each level, or choose to use a top down permissioning structure. Now it's easier to organize your workbooks, so everyone in your organization can find what they are looking for.


Subscription improvements

Add groups and messages when creating subscriptions.

Subscribe users in groups

Save time when creating a new subscription for large numbers of people. Search for and add groups when setting up a subscription. Continue to change permissions on the user level.

Subscription messages

Share more context for your analysis and add a custom message to subscription emails. Include text with any subscription email you create for yourself or subscribe others to.


Viz in Tooltip

Embed visualizations within tooltips for details on demand.

Viz in Tooltip

Engage with your data at a deeper level and maximize dashboard real estate with Viz in Tooltip. Hover over a mark to display details-on-demand while staying in context of the original view.

Learn more about viz in tooltip

Enterprise enhancements

Make the most of your data environment.

Improved error context for Tableau Server

Triage and diagnose Tableau Server errors faster with better error categorization. Additional error context and session ID are now included in logging providing better traceability.

Customized user profile pictures

Personalize your Tableau profile. Choose and upload the profile picture you want, not just the photo supplied by Active Directory.


Power trendlines

Make smarter predictions.

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Power trendlines

Better understand power relationships between variables with drag and drop power trendlines, bringing light to your physics, biology, astronomy, economics data, and more.


Web authoring improvements

Do more from the browser.

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Web authoring improvements

Web authoring is even more powerful. Edit dashboard titles, axis settings and text zones, and format lines across your entire workbook directly in the browser. Organize your metadata using hierarchies, and further your analysis with enhanced support for groups and trend lines.



Tableau Server on Linux.

Tableau Server on Linux

The same Tableau Server you know and love, now on the operating system of your choice. Integrate and optimize your current processes and workflows to make the most of your internal infrastructure. Install on any of the supported distributions (RHEL 7 , CentOS 7, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), and choose the authentication method that makes sense for your organization.

With Tableau Server on Linux you can change the number of backgrounders, VizQL, & application servers without requiring a restart. Plus don't forget, you'll have access to your favorite Linux tools - think Bash and Yum.


Rename workbooks

Rename workbooks from the web.

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Rename workbooks

Customers can now rename workbooks on the web without having to download, republish, and delete.


Mobile updates

Improved sign-in and offline capabilities.

Android improvements

Your favorite vizzes are now available as high-resolution images that you can swipe through, even when offline. Improved performance means your vizzes will load faster in the Android app.

iOS improvements

New proxy authentication enhancements for iOS include support for more environments and improved re-authentication support.


Annotate and share

Annotate and share viz snapshots from the iOS app.

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Annotate and share

It's now easier to share when you are away from your desk. Draw and add text on top of a viz snapshot and share it through email, text, Hipchat, or Slack. Users can view or interact with the shared viz.