5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Internal, Cross-Organizational, and Client Relationships

Elissa Fink, VP Marketing, Tableau Software,

Healthcare professionals are buried in data that measure and track how cross-organizational relationships and processes are functioning. Learn the 5 steps to uncover and diagnose issues in a non-judgmental, fact-based way that gets everyone focused on solving the issues, finding mutual improvement opportunities, and building trust and cooperation

No matter what you do, you have important client relationships with others: internal customers, external customers, and partners. When those relationships stagnate or go off-track, improving them can be challenging

Like every other business process in healthcare, there’s probably a trail of data that documents what occurs between your organization and your client’s. Unfortunately, using that data to describe and help diagnose events is uncommon and underutilized.

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Elissa Fink, VP Marketing, Tableau Software