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Without effective business analytics that instils data-driven decision-making from top to bottom, your business cannot respond to change.

Conversations based on the right data, the right questions, at the right time, enable the whole organisation to drive outcomes with clarity and confidence.

Great decisions come from great conversations

The independent global public opinion company YouGov spoke to over 1,000 senior managers across the UK and EU about the importance of data in their day-to-day success. Surprisingly, while the majority recognize the importance of being data-driven across the board, they struggle putting that into practice.

Based on these results we have put together a guide to help you have better conversations with data and, consequently, make better decisions.

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How do CIOs have better conversations with data?

Leading CIOs demonstrate how you can use data and insight to ensure board-level conversations have impact and achieve results.

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What is conversation analysis - and why does it matter?

Business is better when you Tableau it

Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University, breaks down conversation analysis: how we speak, what we really mean, and even what we say to Alexa.

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The Data Leadership Collaborative brings together like-minded leaders to connect, learn, and help each other succeed on the journey to building data-driven organizations.

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