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Thank you for attending Tableau Experience Thailand 2018, where we brought together over 600 Tableau experts and data rockstars for a day of fun learning with data! We hope you had lots of fun - do check out our resources catered just for you!

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Tableau Desktop & Tableau Prep

  • 9 October, 10:30AM ICT

    Live Online Training (Advanced) - Calculations I

Tableau Server

Powerpoint Presentations

Data: Impact & Opportunities

In 2017, the Economist published an article titled: The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

How is data transforming businesses in the digital economy, and how can you leverage data to create an advantage? Find out more.

Keynote: Same Old Same Old - Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

Organizations are shifting towards modern BI platforms to capitalize on self-service analytics. However, even after investing in new technology, businesses remain 'haunted' by their old ways and struggle to transition to a modern framework.

Download this presentation
on how to overcome the mindset and embrace change.

AIS: Fantastic Analytics Transformation Journey

Find out how AIS, one of the largest telcos in Thailand, uses Tableau to gain insights on their customers' preferences and deliver better services.

Download this presentation here.

Bualuang Securities: Using Data Analytics in a Securities Business

Learn how Bualuang Securities successfully transformed the business of financial services to become a truly modern and data-driven organization.

Download this presentation here.

BAC: Governing Self-Service Modern Analytics

The move from traditional BI approaches to modern analytics has started. The deployment of a successful enterprise analytics platform needs to be powered by IT, in collaboration with data users from the business.

Find out what you can do to make a change. Download this presentation here.

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Viz Games Finals!

1st Prize: Vorapol Santhadkolkarn

View his viz here.

1st Runner up: Chatchai Chattirak

View his viz here!

2nd Runner up: Siroros Roongdonsai

View her viz here!

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