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Don't get stuck swimming in metric soup. Grab the main data headlines you need to decide your next move—fast. Skip the visuals if you’re short on time, and view digestible, at-a-glance bullets you can interactively explore.

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Win stakeholder buy-in and inspire change with insightful visuals. Overcome objections in real time; when you ask your data questions in natural language, Tableau will graph the answer!

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Informed decisions are better decisions. Sprint from insight to action using data you trust. Blend data from over a hundred tools and sources so you don’t miss the big picture. Understand the “why” behind the insight with AI-driven exploration, and let better decisions lead to better outcomes.

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Reimagine your data experience with Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse

We’re redefining how businesses engage with their data in ways that are personalized, contextual, and smart. Use generative AI to bring insights to everyone. Make data more accessible. Save time. Create more value. How? By empowering your teams to make better decisions, faster, with relevant data delivered directly in their flow of work.

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Tableau has helped both individuals and organizations of all sizes make better business decisions.


Delivering over £200 million in value from data-driven decisions.

Jaguar Land Rover

zuellig pharma

Providing actionable insights to improve patient engagement.

Zuellig Pharma


Calibrating strategy to stay competitive as customer preferences shift.



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See how to use the features in Tableau that let you skip the graphs and go right to the data headlines.

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Want to dive deeper into a feature or use case? Watch us explain the basics and beyond.

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Browse amazing data visualizations made by members of the Tableau Community in our Viz Gallery.

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Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

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Tableau's Accelerators show you the art of what's possible — and lets you make it your own. We think you’ll love them, but don’t take our word for it: see for yourself.

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