Analyze with Agility: Tableau and Informatica

Data for the people, technology powered by IT.

Self-service business intelligence is here to stay and data integration plays a critical role. Whether you're in the business of analyzing data that includes blending and preparing data from disparate sources, or your main role is to partner with the business to provide governed data, together Informatica and Tableau can help.

Governance for Self-service

Developing a Governed Self-service BI Strategy

IT organizations are looking for strategies to shift away from traditional reporting to an enterprise enablement model for self-service analytics. In this eBook, we discuss how IT can deliver a solution that meets the needs of the business and gives IT the process they need to ensure data management principles are met. The end result is a strong collaboration between IT and the business that provides clean and governed data for the business to explore.

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Agile Analytics: IT and the Business Working Together

The pace of business is moving faster than ever before and questions need to be answered equally as fast. This type of agility requires the business and IT to work together. Through Tableau and Informatica's partnership, you get the tools you need to collaborate and stay ahead of your competition.

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Our job is to give [the business] the freedom to govern themselves, and at the same time, behind the curtain, making sure that there's order and that it’s maintained.

Let the Business Prepare Data

Informatica created a special solution for Tableau customers. The offer includes Informatica Cloud and Informatica Rev at a special price. Starting at only $100 per month, Tableau customers can connect to data, clean and prepare their data, and then move it into Tableau. The offer can be found at

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6 Easy Steps to Using Informatica Cloud

In today’s BI world, data integration can be done in the business or within IT. Informatica products can be leveraged across diverse business units, empowering anyone in the organization to get the right data to analyze.

Watch this video to see 6 easy steps for using Informatica Cloud.

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IT powered analytics

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