With the modern approach to BI, IT must feed data-hungry business users in well-managed and secure environments. Tableau’s product integration with Informatica enables IT departments to leverage their existing investments in Informatica products like PowerCenter to manage data storage, oversee security, performance, scalability, integration, and accessibility. Combining Tableau and Informatica investments is a better IT-managed data governance solution, delivering fast access to trusted data for end users and affordable options for advanced users via data preparation capabilities in Informatica Cloud and Informatica REV.

Informatica for Tableau: best practices to maximize value

Informatica for Tableau consists of three individually accessible cloud-based interfaces which work together to provide an end-to-end data management interface. It is a solution bundle enabling easy data access across the entire enterprise.

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Our job is to give [the business] the freedom to govern themselves, and at the same time, behind the curtain, making sure that there's order and that it’s maintained.

Delivering secure, governed, self-service analytics

The pace of business is moving faster than ever before and questions need to be answered even faster. Through Tableau and Informatica's partnership, you get the tools you need to collaborate and stay ahead of your competition.

Learn how IT and the business can work together to improve the agility of the entire organization.

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