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The competitive advantage that comes from giving broad data access to an organization drives the widespread adoption of self-service analytics. While this empowers business users, it has made the role of IT departments and data stewards critical in ensuring the accuracy of insights.

Thankfully, it is possible to govern data without losing the agility and speed of self-service analysis. Tableau is often used to create both data visualizations and trusted data sources—two critical types of data assets that can be shared, governed, and managed through a central Tableau Server. By combining this power of Tableau with the Alation Data Catalog organizations get the best of both worlds. This modern approach to data governance increases analyst productivity and trust in data.

Data Catalog = A single source of reference for trust in data

The Alation Data Catalog is where everyone in your organization can find the data assets for re-use. Alation automatically indexes Tableau workbooks, dashboards and data sources alongside your raw database tables and Hadoop files. Search or browse all your data from one place.

Like Google’s catalog of the Internet or Amazon’s product catalog, Alation uses machine learning and AI to continually improve human understanding. Use Alation to understand the nuances of your data, whether that’s popularity, business definitions, or data lineage.

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How to embrace Governance for Insight programmatically

When data consumers have access to policies and best practices directly in the flow of their analysis, the result is both more consistent compliance and more broadly adopted best practices.

With Tableau and Alation, organizations can balance the demands of agility with governance. We call this Governance for Insight. Learn more about how organizations can roll out a program to support the best of worlds.

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