Self-service analytics allow everyone to explore and find insights in their data. As business users are empowered with data, the role of IT is transformed to refocus on providing trusted and accurate data to the business.

A clear approach to governance is critical to the success of a self-service analytics practice. Thankfully it is possible to govern data without losing the agility and speed self-service analytics brings to the business. With Tableau, IT can create, publish, certify and monitor data sources that are shared across the organization. Alation and Tableau extend those governance capabilities to give organizations the speed of self-service analytics with the trust in data that comes from consistent enforcement of data governance best practices.

Learn more about the powerful combination of Alation and Tableau below, or read about how Tableau helps enterprises manage data governance.

With the combination of Alation and Tableau, GoDaddy's Enterprise Data team was able to examine the lineage of a table, search multiple data sources for a field, and increase visibility and control.

Combining the Alation Data Catalog and Tableau

The Alation Data Catalog is where your organization goes for collaborative, enterprise-ready data indexing. Alation automatically indexes all of your organization's data by source and uses machine learning to better understand the data and how you use it. Alation allows you to search or browse all your data from one place and to understand the nuances of your data, whether that’s popularity, business definitions, or data lineage.

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On-Demand Webinar: The Speed of Self-Service + Trust in Data

Traditionally, self-service analytics and data governance have been at odds. The freedom to enable more people to visualize and analyze data has conflicted with the need to govern data. Either analytics becomes the Wild Wild West where insights are difficult to trust, or data is so tightly controlled that insights are few and far between.

In this webinar, learn how Tableau and the Alation Data Catalog work together to pair the speed of self-service with agile data governance, surfacing trusted data within the analysis workflow, and making it easy to make confident data-driven decisions.